More Than Cattle on 4B Ranch

We love nature here at 4B Ranch! Axis, Fallow, Blackbuck, Gemsbok, and Transcaspian Urial are just a few of the exotic species you will see roaming the hills of the 4B. These 4-legged exotics are not the only ones you will see, seasonally you might catch a glimpse of the rare golden-cheeked warblers or black-capped vireos!  The nearby Love Creek Nature Conservancy has a list of identified some birds that are only found on our property and the Love Creek Nature Conservancy.    

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4B Ranch
4859 Elam Creek Road
Medina, Bandera County, Texas 78055
Phone: (281) 802-4739

Ranch Activities

Plenty of activities for the entire family. 

Hunting, Hiking, Guided Tours, Birdwatching, Photo Safari, or just lounging at the lodge.

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