Wild Turkey is just the beginning.  We also have Feral Hogs, White Tail Deer and other native game.

We have guided hunting trips for everyone in the family. 

Population Management is critical to a healthy herd of exotics. 

Hunting - Texas Style

Located in the breathtaking Texas HIll Country in what is known as the "Colorado Corridor", the 4B Ranch is a professionally managed property dedicated to give you the memorable hunt you are looking for. From free ranging exotics to native Texas Hill Country whitetail, we are certain you will find that brag worthy trophy. The 4B Ranch is equipped with professional hunting guides, peaceful lodge, and boundless views. 

There are NO AVAILABLE hunts at this time.

Hunting Seasons

We Define Our Hunting Seasons based on the best approach for population management. Below are our annual seasons for our various game.

«June 2024»

Please check with Texas Parks and Wildlife for State Approved Hunting Seasons

Let's Go Hunting

Daily rate of $150 per person based on 2 day minimum with a 50% deposit of daily fees for however many days intending to stay. Kids under the age of 12 are free.

 Daily fee includes the following:



 Skinning and Quartering of animal

 Ranch Transportation

 Laundry Services if needed


        Additional Cost:

·      Guide Fee 1x1   $150/daily

Taxidermy Delivery $100

Meat Processing Delivery $100

Airport Transportation $100 each way from San Antonio

Guest to Provide:

·      Alcoholic Beverages

Firearm and Ammo

Hunting License

        Exotics Available:

·     Aoudad             

29 7/8" or  less              











30" or more                            





















·     Axis                  

33” or more                               











32 7/8” or less                                  





















·     Blackbuck         

21” or more                                           











 20 7/8” or less                           





















·     Fallow              

Trophy Class









































·     Gemsbok

Trophy Class










·     Nubian Ibex



















Policies for all Hunts & Packages:

·     Day rate charged at the beginning of the day the hunt commences

Wounded or lost game charged at 100%

Rifle hunts only

Antler length is determined by longest horn


Visit & Stay at 4B Ranch

4B Ranch
4859 Elam Creek Road
Medina, Bandera County, Texas 78055
Phone: (281) 802-4739

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Ranch Activities

Plenty of activities for the entire family. 

Hunting, Hiking, Guided Tours, Birdwatching, Photo Safari, or just lounging at the lodge.

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